Know Your Friends, Don’t Assume That You’re Cool With Someone Just Because,…

There has been so much second guessing people after the Kenneka tragedy in Chicago. After this young lady was set up and murdered under her own “friends” watch, it brings friendship and loyalty into the forefront. 

I have been dealing with personal drama and pettiness myself. You simply can’t trust everyone, and certain people aren’t on your side. 

First off, you need to be able to differentiate between your social media friends and your real life friends. They are not one in the same. If all they do is like and comment on your posts, that doesn’t make them your friend. Second, if they ignore you in real life, definite red flag. 

Second, people change for the worse. Life gets to them, they may get on drugs, etc. Often these people just need space and maybe a talking to  (#countrysayings). Be considerate of people’s moods and realize that it may be temporary. That’s when it’s good to fallback. If necessary, you may have to fallout. 

Finally, adult bullying is real! That has been another black eye for social media, the fact that people can use their longevity with you to bully and pressure you on and off social media. It’s not cool folks, not cool at all. 

Basically be careful and watch yourself. Others are definitely watching you. Don’t put yourself in a constant position of being in harm’s way. Be happy, healthy and wise. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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