Missing My Lil Bro

I have spoken on laniera7.blogspot.com about my brother,  Adam, and even spoke of loss on past vlogs. Last year, many people around the world experienced mass losses like none before. Heck someone was killed on the road near my home today and I received a barrage of messages from folks thinking it was me. It actually ended up being a high school classmate’s mother. 

Either way, whenever we lose someone in the physical or they leave our presence in some form of fashion, they miss them, like I miss my brother everyday. 

The best way I honor Adam’s memory is by frequently talking about him, telling others about his struggles with drug abuse, and by cherishing  him and others. I like for folks to know they are appreciated while they are here. I would hope they do the same for me. 

January 28th is and always will be a tough day. But I take solace in the fact my brother was loved and liked, and his life touched others. He also was a good friend that got along with many. I get it honest. My mother taught us to do right by people and treat them properly. 

I challenge you to do the same, and to treat the living and those you see regularly as well as you do those that have departed. 

R.I.P. Adam 1983-2006. 



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