Getting around people that make you light up

I’ve been doing a lot of writing and vlogging lately, trying to keep the #imjustdrew train rolling. I had a great idea for a post as Super Sunday approaches. 

I have gotten better at keeping in touch thanks to social media. However, everyone isn’t meant to be your friend or talk to on the regular. You want to be around folks that you have a great connection with, light up when they’re in your presence, and can agree to disagree with. You simply feel you’re having a good time with them and it’s not forced. 

Some friendships are simply not meant to be. I’ve found it’s best to let things happen naturally and flow from there. That’s not saying you can’t be cool and cordial. Just invest more of your time into the folks that enjoy your company, are real, and get you. Those are the friends that usually last the longest. 

Many have honestly forget what it’s like to be a friend. Offer a helping hand to all folks, and again let things flow naturally when it comes to overall interaction. One factor is when you can have deep conversations with a person and times seems to fly. I love these types of relationships. 

Therefore be a friend, seek out those that want to be yours, and stay in touch with these. They are rare gems indeed. 



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