This isn’t the electric slide. Doesn’t have to be Clyde. I love being around you. This goes for your crew. I know this is starting off basic. The feeling is so impapable you can taste it. The feeling in my heart and soul is great when we link. I like to turn off my brain and not have to think. The electricity and vibe is organic and real. True connections are always a great deal. It always feels like a big hug. We don’t even have to touch: you’re so magnetic and snug. I want to be around others like you all the time. This description makes every verse flow and easy to rhyme. Similar to our history and bond. These are the connections of which I am most fond. Good vibes and energy only allowed. Forget the extra noise and being loud. I like where we are right here. Just me and you my dear. The rest of the family and crew as well. I wish this is where we could forever dwell


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