Wrapped up in your blanket like Linus. It is warmth and happiness minus. Any negativity and drama. Cast all thee outside and they mama. You really want to be where they know your name. And of course are glad you came. Feeling second class isn’t cool or fun. I feel some type of way and I’m done. I want everyday to be a funday. It doesn’t have to be Sunday. I make the best of Monday, Saturday, someday and everyday. I hold all of you I love close and deep. I am so elated I can barely sleep. When the Sandman does call it’s when I’m tired from the socializing. It’s powerful and I’m just realizing. It makes life easy and comforting. There is not always pain and suffering. Those that say the world is bad simply don’t know comfort and love. They’re too used to the push and the shove. Leave behind the bad vibes and news. Find your Cheers so you have a healthy light sans ruse. Allow the good energy to flow. Tell anything that comes negatively no and they have to go


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