Diner En Blanc Review

I attended my very first Diner En Blanc party this past Saturday. It was for the Charlotte division and was held in the Gastonia Honeyhogs park since greater Charlotte had other activities taking place. I also was invited to the one in Greenville last month. I was a volunteer at the event, working in the Food and Vine area and then Cart Valet.

I will definitely say that all of the pictures and videos don’t do it justice.  Yes there are some great all white parties and annual events. Diner En Blanc is without doubt a bucket list item far as events, who’s-who and potentially a tradition. I had so much fun, the food and drinks were great, the venue was beautiful, everyone came out in their best attire and it was simply a whole vibe.

Many of you know by now these are the types of events and energy that embody the #imjustdrew brand. I was definitely interested in going/volunteering when I saw the videos and pictures from last year’s events in Greenville, Charlotte and Columbia. I will say you will have to be there to truly understand but I will summarize. Great food and drink, many options, first class accommodations, 360 photo booth (Pose360CLT to be exact), a live band, the park jumbotron and even fireworks. So much planning, months of it, goes into making this event a success and it shows! Many are doing it for free also because they enjoy the event and organization.

Also as a part of #imjustdrew, I like to say it’s who you know and who knows you. Special thanks to Vanencia “V” Carr and Ashli Hale Johnson for selecting me for the volunteer committee and for both Diner En Blanc committees in Charlotte and Greenville for extending me invites in the Phase 3 portion.

I wholeheartedly recommend attending at least once as a volunteer and/or getting a spot with a guest and bringing a table. I do plan on returning at the moment and would eventually like to get a VIP spot. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy the enthusiasm and energy from this year’s successful event.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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