I’m going going. Not to New York or Cali. I am behind and fighting to rally. Time is running short. The operation is about to abort. I have to stay in the game and finish. Calmer times are definitely my wish. The storm did touch down. It did during the season when the leaves are orange, yellow and brown. I’ve got my gear and I’m ready to battle. Adjustments are made, I’ve taken a breath and not ready to skedaddle. The intensity is nonstop. You go into you drop. It’s my marathon training times three. I simply want to be free. Free from overwhelm, anguish and despair. I enjoy my fresh air. I can see the light and I’m catching up. You cannot pour from an empty cup. I lick my wounds and heal. I know this is all God’s will. It will not last. I have a future and not a past. I will find my pace, earn my place and win this race!


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