2020 Holiday Letter

2020, wow, enough said!

I, like many others, didn’t think I would be distanced from so many people and activities I regularly enjoy. Aside from a mountain trip and possible excursion to Charleston, vacations were halted also. However, this year still had plenty of positives for me.

I welcomed more dogs and cats into my life to give the existing ones company. I didn’t see many prior to COVID and it’s good to have them and love them as my own family.

Personally and professionally, I feel things have gotten deeper and tighter. The racial, political and social injustice that has been 2020 has seen a lot of people keeping more than 6 feet away from me. I am speaking out and educating more folks about this and why it is still tough for a person of color. I am keeping myself safe and following CDC guidelines. Finally, it feels good to have a change of guard at the executive office (bye Trump) and hopefully the Georgia senate run-off can help with change as well.

I celebrated my 5th year working for Amazon and 25th year overall. I transferred in September from being a Learning Trainer in Charlotte to being a Delivery Driver Trainer in Greenville. I feel really blessed to be in a much more relaxed atmosphere, back in Upstate SC and still able to train others.

This is also my 10th year of blogging and my 20th anniversary of graduating from Winthrop University.

Two of my best friends reached milestones as well. My friend Rashad turned the big 4-0 and his son graduated high school and is a freshman at the College of Charleston. My friend Bill and his wife Felicia finally have their home and are getting it fixed up for a housewarming party and to live in.

My mom finally has her financial and medical situations at a good place. Finding psychiatric assistance in this area is still a challenge but we won’t give up. Home improvements have been slow but we are also not giving up there.

My uncle Kenny decided due to medical reasons to voluntarily step down from his role as a trustee for Anderson City jail and is back in the prison system. We did to have a brief visit with him before he moved. He has less privileges but is resting more.

I’m happy not only for Black-owned business that have survived 2020 but also small businesses in general. The one I frequent the most is Wisefire Cafe. Despite obstacles, they have thrived, made renovations to expand the place and even bring on a part-time barista. The town of Blacksburg was able to do some safe activities such as two carnivals and an adjusted Iron City Festival to help out the town. Gaffney did similar activities.

My own health is overall good but I have adjustments to make so I can be my best self inside and out. Keep praying for me because it is working.

I said goodbye to some that have been close to me: my aunt Sybel and my cousin Barbara Childers and other relatives I wasn’t acquainted with.

It’s indeed been a different year with Zoom meetings for business and pleasure, staying at home more often and watching more TV and reading more than I have in years. I continued to be blessed as always and am optimistic that things will look up.

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays as I want to cover every December holiday and not just Christmas.


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