Reviews: Bridgerton v WW84

Ok being at home on vacation for the last few weeks, I’ve been watching a lot of shows and movies. Two of the most hyped and acclaimed are WW84 and Bridgerton and I see why.

To start off, one company showed what the audience and even the producer wanted; the other dared to be different.

I’m going to make this clear: WW84 is NOT a bad movie. It just had way too much of a slow period, was too much like an origin and the action was there but fans were already bored by then. This said, it’s for the fan that sees the deeper messages and what’s to come. We see who’s playing Asteria, some good lessons and redemptions, how cheesy the 80s can be, and finally Cheetah. DC wanted to tell an in depth story and they did. However often one must realize if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. They have finally been on the right track and now they will need to return to the lab for a better balance in part 3.

Shonda Rhimes sure knows the meaning of not trying to recreate the wheel and her audience with Bridgerton. It’s everything she wanted to do on ABC for 20 years plus add in the good love story in a period drama. If you’re a fan of her work and know her flow, then you won’t be surprised either way. In subsequent seasons, you won’t be surprised either. She saw that she needed another hit, Netflix is really capturing her demographic, it’s the end of the year and more folks are at home. Love or hate her work, she nailed it! She has a template and does not deviate from it.

So there you have it. Stay focused on what you know and what works. Also take heed when switching up on your audience. It can be easy to lose them and hard to regain them.

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