Missing the Forest for the trees.

Can you believe this nightmarish of a year only has about 30 something days left?

That said, one lesson we should take away is not to miss the forest for the trees. I’m seeing a lot of people not seeing the big picture.

I finally got to get my coveted day trip to the mountains this weekend. I enjoyed the fresh air and scenery. When I was enroute home, I had a fresh view of the WNC mountains and it was awesome. Some ugly trees were in the way. It would have been so easy for me to focus on those trees but I did not. I had a slice of Heaven on my passenger side and loved it!

I posted a meme of a couple with an insane amount of food on their bed that stated “Would You Like This Type Of Date?”. It was referring to a stay at home date opposed to going out. So many people were focused on that food that will be larger than some Thanksgiving spreads this week.

I had to shake my head at how much I have seen this. It’s easy to get distracted by irrevalant details. We simply need to be bigger picture folks and see the point.

Many people could benefit from this and the world would be kinder and easier to live in. Enjoy your forest!

#imjustdrew #fromdarknesstosunshine #scaredeyes


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