On my BS

We have had one crazy week. Summer part 8, Election Day part 5 (and counting), all of my sports teams won, and my BP took its once per decade spike.

It’s a good time to get on my BS with all of this horror movie pettiness.

Biden won’t finish his term but he will get a lot more accomplished than people think. To all those that voted this year, maintain that energy for 2022 if you want the legislative branch to remain the same or sway in your favor. Biden is only one person: he and Kamala need help.

That said, Jaime Harrison has gotten a lot of attention. When Biden chooses his cabinet, I don’t think he’s going to forget that

Many of my WU folks will create their own alternate virtual Homecoming. Even if it’s just a few of us getting up at Empire or even one of the spots White Horse was at.

I will eventually get my mountain day trip before it gets too cold.

When I re enter the dating pool, many of these women that have curved me will stalk me

The Ninja Foodi grill is gonna change my cooking life!

This month I’m cutting down the year long honey-do list of mine

The social calendar is filling back up but I am turning down more invites as COVID is still around

I will find a way to deep fry my turkey since I’m not househopping this year

Someone will offer to give me a pig

I will win at least one of my fantasy football leagues this year

I will have Firesticks in both of my rooms and will have a Baby Yoda doll

My second book will win myself some awards in 2021

I will finally be in a relationship on my birthday in 2021

I will catch COVID but fortunately there will be a treatment by then

Don’t take all of this seriously

I plan on another career move, stay tuned!



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