Bullying story: liking dance

Jordan is a heterosexual male that’s single. He has nothing against the LGBT community although he has some homophobic friends and family. Many of them are very macho and old-fashioned.

Jordan knows two dance instructors, both women. They have taught him classic and instrumental dance, as well as introduced him to movies and shows such as Dance Mom, Save the Last Dance, Dirty Dancing. Over time, Jordan loved anytime with “dance” in it.

Now we’re not talking about the type of dancing that involves a pole or when Cash Money takes over for the 99 and 00s.

Jordan is ridiculed and called cruel names by people that thought loved and liked him. He learns there are people that will turn on you simply for being different, which is very immature. Dance is a classical and one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. It’s also great cardio workout. Simply look at the physiques of many dancers. They didn’t skip leg day nor did they have McDonald’s all week.

Jordan respects that and the art form. However, he is only able to share that with a select few. Some of these same people believe in keeping it real and expressing yourself. Apparently they needed to be more specific.

He is hurt that his own people are doing this to him. He, however, remembers his scriptures and how Jesus was done similarly. Jordan also confides in his two dance angels, Joy and Patrice. They are his confidantes and shoulders to cry on. He and Patrice got really close. Somehow she liked him because, although he has two left feet, he stands up for what he believes in.

A year later, Jordan and Patrice are exclusive. They show up in front of those same people and of course they are getting looks, like the Owen Wilson “wows”. Jordan’s not an ugly man or awkward. But none of them thought he could pull a chiseled queen like Patrice. One of those morons even tried to slander Jordan and say he was way more man than him. Patrice defended him and said she was happy with her mate.

Jordan went after his passion and found his queen. They are very happily in love with dance and each other. Those friends have faded away, family has came around. They have others that support and love them.

Remember when you are true to yourself and follow your heart, the good will always manifest.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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