Nothing like freshness

Each New Year we talk of starting fresh and anew.

That said, I realize how much better most anything is when it’s fresh and new. Activities, jobs, people, and especially food.

My mother is a bread snob. She only consumes Sunbeam King Thin bread and will not eat it after a few days. Mom has spent up to 10 minutes in a supermarket trying to find that ideal loaf of bread. She refuses to buy a breadmaker and make her own and will not place it in the fridge. This is her way and how she likes it.

I honestly didn’t see her point of view until I realize how my friends in the coffee business, Shane and Thomas, have such high coffee standards. They don’t make coffee that’s your average store or gas standard brand. They grind and brew every cup fresh. You may wait up to five minutes for them to make your drink but trust me, it is worth it.

Quality standards is a great thing to have and it starts with your product being fresh. This especially goes with fish. I don’t know of many that will consume fish that is less than. It’s one of the reasons I go to the coast annually because I know I am getting that quality seafood taste.

Therefore, remember in our society of drive thru and instant gratification, it’s often more worthwhile and enjoyable when something takes time and is freshly made.

Bear in mind this is not just food or products. Keep these standards in every area of your life.

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