Bullying story: “stutter”

Lester is a good, accomplished man. He simply has a slight stutter. People like to poke fun about it, especially on public forums.

One week this guy that he thought was a friend simply called him out in public for it. Lester tried to find the guy and talk it out but it was as if the guy kept running from him.

One thing we have to remember is many bullies are cowards. It doesn’t matter the form, they are cowards. They run and hide when it’s time to man up and get things done or face off. Lester realized this and although he has has speech and voice classes, worked on his craft once more. He has to speak a lot in his role at his profession and he wanted to be crisp.

He noticed that criticism came from people that are hurting, insecure and simply negative. You better believe the saying “hurt people, hurt people.” Nevertheless, Lester fought through his own demons and learn to know where to draw the line.

Family, let’s uplift each other instead of breaking each other down. We will make mistakes but let us come back from them stronger than ever!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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