Bullying past, present and future

Bullying and social exclusion have been around since the beginning of time. It appears only now in the information age that more people are noticing it and taking action.

Well I have a lifetime of noticing it.

I was picked on and bullied as a child. You name it, I was bullied for it. This includes my clothes, my race, stutter, hair, being poor, overweight, slow, unathletic, smart, not getting girls, not having a car. I was even picked on for holding my fork the “wrong” way at a restaurant in Virginia.

Present day, it’s more subliminal and passive, mostly through social media and trolls. People try to verbally attack and assault me. They can’t stand where I am in life, my fitness journey, already having a book out and writing another, having friends, and a great turnaround story.

In short, jealously and hate runs rampant.

But believe me, I don’t take it sitting down. I fight back mentally, physically, etc. In the sixth grade I was actually into four fights, all on the grounds of defending myself. My mom stayed up at the school so much she decided to start volunteering and chaperoning school field trips and activities. She even won Volunteer Of The Year once and this was a woman that went hard for both of her sons. She would try and talk to parents and teachers first. Failing that, she would catch them in public, by phone or at a school activity. She was built for handling any type of bullies.

This has resonated onto me. I may still get down and defeated. But I have the tools and experience to handle anyone that thinks it’s ok to pick at someone for a deficiency or simply to be mean.

Bullying and social exclusion comes in many forms as will be discussed. But this is what this series and my second book “Scared Eyes” are devoted to.

Buckle up, it will be quite a ride!

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes


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