10 Different Types Of Bullies

This is a continued preview into my second book “Scared Eyes”

There are ten basic types of bullies. I will name them and elaborate.

1. The traditional school bully

They are the ones that beat the inferior up, take their lunch money and simply make school tough for many people. It seems no one is meeting at 3pm anymore to fight this bully or even trying to prevent them from being who they are.

2. The work/office/plant bully

This person is worse than any horrible boss. You may feel like you can’t do anything on your own, even talk to the cute receptionist. without them interfering. They have a lot of pull and you don’t feel like they can be stopped. I have seen many people over the years leave a job due to a work bully.

3. Social media/keyboard warrior

To me, these are the worst and probably most deadly. They say and do hurtful things online to you. They troll your posts, try and embarrass you and have others along for the ride. These awful people have caused many children to drop out of school and even take their own lives. It’s ironic how Zuckerberg was a victim of bullying at one time but hasn’t come up with a more constructive manner of dealing with it.

4. The alpha friend bully.

This is also the “frenemie”. You hang with them, talk everyday, go to cool events. But guess what, they leave you out, persuade you into going places or doing things you don’t wish to do.

5. The person who has seen every show/movie and you should also

This goes for Game Of Thrones, Power, Avengers, etc fans. They are all in your face about seeing this or that show and when you do watch it they’re all like “you’re late” or “about time!” Urrmm I’m confused. How are you late to watching something that will be around forever?

6. The fat shamer

This is the person that always notices when someone puts on weight or gets wider. They weren’t praising you when you were slim and trim and at your best shape. They shame not only overweight folks but people in general.

7. The pretty, popular girl

Think the movie “Mean Girls” and Regina George. You dress like her, eat what she eats, talk to who she tells you to talk to. Eved heard of a dictatorship? This is basically what many young girls and some women undergo everyday just to be and remain popular.

8. The star athlete/fit freak

Everyone seems to love the jock and wants to be them. This includes even the woman with the perfect butt, the guy with the chiseled body, or the person you run with that is super fast. You feel excluded and out of place when you don’t fit in to their standards and don’t fit the bar they have raised.

9. The MLM huns

Multi level marketing companies have grown and have spawned groups of reps that hawk, harrass and even bully others into joining their company,buying their products and selling as much as you can. When you can’t, the “huns” tease and harrass you. Now this doesn’t apply to all MLMs or reps, just the huns that repeatedly call you “hun” before guilting you into being part of their venture.

10. The overzealous church members/pastor

Church has gotten bad for a lot of people and if you live long enough, one or more will hurt you. Church people, even lost pastors, can be worst than sinners. Pastors are bullying their members into giving most of their money, going to all of the revival and evangelical meetings and even not going to the restroom during service. Let’s not get started on the members. In short, some of the most mean people are inside the House of the Lord.

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