White Privilege Defined, Again

This is not something that I like to explain, not even to my own mother. But here we are still feeling the need to break it down.

There are several definitions on the web, even a PDF. But here’s my basic definition of white privilege.

White privilege is when you are of predominantly Caucasian heritage and have never had to experience the pain, looks, and behaviors around you that blacks and other cultures have had to in order to survive. You haven’t had to discern whom is racist against you and will destroy your whole existence based on your look alone. When the police pulls you over, you have a greater chance of living or being let off with a warning.

It’s like Chris Rock says, many Caucasian people do not have to even know who a black person is unless they are in power. Black people have to not only know, but know how to act accordingly. I saw another comedian, Deon Cole, say that black people have to know how to control their “blackness”. Save for racial slurs and other remarks, white people don’t have to do this.

They can walk in the store with four or more of their friends and not get questioned nor followed. They don’t have to ask for a bag when they’re just getting a pack of gum out of fear of stealing. They can look at a black man or woman without getting naughty looks. They can even vote and support a president like a Trump or a Bush and not get accosted.

Everyone that has white privilege certainly isn’t racist. They simply need education and guidelines to being culturally diverse. It’s not easy for a person of color, especially in certain regions and states. Many people still haven’t arrived.

Ask at the proper place and time, perhaps not during this weekend’s Final Four, but continue having these conversations. This will continue to break the racial divide and help us to understand each other.

Sometimes, race does unfortunately matter and cannot be ignored. Everyone needs to be on the same page so that we all know where and when and act accordingly.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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