Being On The Same Wavelength and Level

The last few years in politics could have demonstrated this. However, there are several factors and scenarios that show when we are on different levels from a person.

For instance, the movie “Us” by Jordan Peele released this week. It was a different type of horror/thriller, one that makes you think and where a 2nd viewing may be necessary.

I saw it Thursday, enjoyed it and was intrigued. Then I saw reviews all weekend, some saying it was bad just because they couldn’t fully grasp the concept.

It showed a divide: between thinkers and analyzers and those that like to take in things simply as entertainment.

Now there is nothing wrong with either category, it’s a differentiation is all. You have to remember who you are and know that you will not get everything and vice versa.

For example, I cannot get Snapchat filters (or Snapchat period), why women cannot let the toilet seat down, how people can be late for work daily and many other things. These are classic divides but I don’t let these things stop me from communicating with others effectively.

We should accept and embrace each other’s differences, unless they are deadly. I think it’s truly time for everyone to visit the Museum of Tolerance.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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