I have said in “From Darkness To Sunshine” and other places that spin offs are often the best types of friendships and connections.

A spinoff to me is a connection formed from another connection or as the result of a current connection.

For me, this has worked out well with one of my favorite families: The Sansings.

They are family to me. I attend their birthday parties, anniversary parties, Thanksgiving and other holidays. They are the first I buy Girl Scout cookies from since they’re a huge Girl Scout family. I have also supported their business ventures through the decades, their current one being their food truck, Aunt B’s Hog Wild BBQ.

Through this, I discovered we have a coffee shop and used bookstore in Blacksburg. This place is owned and operated by Thomas and Vanessa Dover. Over the past year in business, I have become close to them. Due to my schedule, I am usually only able to see them on Friday nights, and the occasional weekday when I am off and they are open.

But thus far Tommy and Vanessa and their little girls have become near and dear to my heart. I support them as a business and as friends. When the town tried to come against them last month, I was slow to find out but resounding in my defense. I am proud of them for being in business for 1 year and for the atmosphere and culture they have built that extends beyond some of the best coffee you will find and safe, comfortable, surroundings.

They have also helped the local Chinese place, Joy Wok, gain more business as many Wisefire customers order from there. They also fervently work to improve and restore downtown Blacksburg and work in accordance with some of the popular town events. Furthermore, they support other local businesses such as Christy Gibson, former owner of Sweets On Main and Moxie Made Bakery by Jennifer Childers.

I have other great spin offs but this is my latest and greatest one. I love being around folks in a safe environment where I can voice my views and unwind from a tough day or week. Tommy and Vanessa have provided this and more. I want to say thank you to them and congratulations on a successful first year in business.

Also, thanks to Bryna Sansing “Aunt B” for introducing me to them and Wisefire Cafe. These are some of the benefits of connecting with others and freeing up yourself.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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