Trigger words can unintentionally hurt you

Any word, action, place or even occurrence can trigger a negative experience or memory and throw you off track.

Knowing common trigger words and phrases are one thing. Trying to learn them or refusing to learn them is another.

For example, we’ll go with teaching someone to drive. This is a task everyone definitely isn’t built for. It takes a lot of patience, overall knowledge and experience and understanding where your student is and how they are.

I learned years ago even saying a simple “WHOA” goes a long way. You want to be more encouraging, using positive reinforcement, starting them slow and steady and not raising your voice.

People have all sorts of demons and stuff that has happened to them or certain insecurities. They also have hot buttons. Knowing and gauging what makes them uncomfortable is of extreme importance. You can be considered a mean, condescending bully if you know what bothers a person and you continue to nag them and poke at them. That part isn’t cool.

Friday was International Women’s Day and dealing with women definitely isn’t one of my strong points. But I have learned often that less is more in regarding to talking and to listen as much as possible. Obviously referring to a random woman in a sexual or overpowering manner isn’t condoned. Keeping it basic and polite is best until you reach a certain level. For instance, I have a female friend that got mad I didn’t tell her her booty was increasing. I told her I couldn’t and don’t just do that. But she’s different and expects people to be more open with her.

Therefore know the person and know yourself. Fall back and be very generic if you sense a lot of tension. Relax and breathe. Most of all, enjoy the company of others!

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