The spirits! (not ghosts)

Someone had actually asked me why I don’t post more about alcohol. Well for starters I do not drink it, except for medicinal purposes.

However, I do realize that a small sum is a good and healthy way to take the edge off after a long day, week, or a stressful situation.

I am not in favor of getting sloppily drunk and it impairs your judgment and memory. It is interesting, however, how much more honest people are with you when they are inebriated.

Flu season is still upon us and congestion and sinuses have hit me. I medicate primarily with moonshine, the original alcohol and cold medicine. It cleans your veins, removes infection and is so strong that you may not want to drink too much unless you’re staying inside and not driving.

Alcohol, like food, will draw a crowd, period. Many festive activities involve spirits and adult beverages. My father actually had a cough syrup addiction (and I mean the strong stuff that you get from the doctor, not Tussin). I keep cough syrup in the rotation as well, but I don’t drink it like he once did.

Therefore, drink responsibly and in moderation. And of course if you’re a recovering alcoholic, it’s best you’re not even around the smell.

Drink up, turn up, have fun and be safe!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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