It’s Too Important To Support Each Other

I’m telling you, the division we seem to have towards each other is real, even when we have so much in common.

You do something great and you may have support, but it may not be the proper support. Or worse, it may be people that don’t see that it’s ok and cool to support others doing the same or similar.

I’m referring to the whole LeBron James thing far as his new school in Akron, OH. As I don’t get overly political, I refuse to acknowledge Trump’s tweet about him. I am talking about Jalen Rose’s candid, positive and real remarks about his new school and the schools that many celebs have, including his own.

I’m just wondering why supporting each other morally seems to be a problem. People probably should direct negative attention to our POTUS and not Jalen. He is not being salty or negative. He applauds Bron and wants to see him do well.

Why can’t we want that for each other? I am an author and I not only honor authors from the past that influenced, inspired and paved the way, I support my fellow authors. I realize we have a silent bond and it’s good to help each other out. This isn’t competition nor comparison. This is brotherhood and sisterhood.

We need to fight this division, and help each other out morally, emotionally and even financially if it warrants it. We are all in the same battle and want to reach higher grounds. Let’s inspire each other and do it together!

This seems to be lost or misinterpreted on many. When one achieves and pioneers, we ALL can achieve. There are several examples of this that we can follow. If you have a staunch goal you want to achieve, find someone to emulate and praise them throughout the process.

Ok this post is over and it’s time to put in work!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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