Back To School, Again

Yes summer school has technically been going on. But now summer is ending and regular school/college and such is almost in session.

Bullying and violence seems to still be a problem. Here are some points to add to anything I have posted in the past:

1. Learn from each other, don’t make it a competition on who is right and wrong. Help each other to get right.

2. Social exclusion is rarely true. Make it a mission, especially to the newer students, to welcome them to the fold. Leave the pranks and initiations elsewhere.

3. Play nice, please. Games such as Fortnite help. It’s better to treat people in real life as you do on Fortnite.

4. Form and find long lasting friendships. Trust me, they are like diamonds and can be forever.

5. Live, laugh and love. Just try and be positive towards each other. Resist division at any level.

I hope to see better schools and stories throughout this school year!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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