Enough is enough, I hate division!

And this is obviously not referring to long division and the beginning of school, although I hated that part of math class. 

We all know about the latest media elephant and tragedy, the Charlotteville fracus. Many can agree that all of these groups are different, some more dangerous than others, had no business there, and whoever drove that car needs to be severely punished. Anyone disagree? 

Not many I’m sure. 

Now we’re up in arms and getting divided about blaming Trump  (all 45 Presidents have been under scrutiny, ever FDR), and now people want Confederate memorials removed. Now unless I’m missing something, we are removing these due to hare groups that have nothing to do with the actual history and all going on here. 

And don’t fret, I’m not here to sway folks either way about the Confederate Flag or memorials. That is a choice, and you can’t change people’s beliefs. But why aren’t we coming together as people to discuss the real issues? Hate groups such as these cannot be allowed to divide us. We have to come together to remain strong as a country. 

This is more than a racial thing, it’s an heinous act of violence and terror. It’s hate, pure and simple. We are forgetting to live and love, and be peaceful. Some in the groups tried that, but fell off track. Now look at the snowball effect. 

Point being, this is why I talk about conversing with folks different than yourself and finding that common ground. Also, stay on topic, please. Don’t let the media and other’s thoughts tear you apart. We must come to an understanding and compromise, or it will happen again and again. 

It saddens me where our country has gone. We can only blame each other. Now we have to come together and gradually fix this. This starts through peaceful talks. 

I was taught as a child running away doesn’t solve your problems. Well guess what, unless a medal is involved, I’m tired of running. I hope you are too. It’s time to peacefully assemble and talk, rather than rally and protest. More can get accomplished this way. 

Also, well played media. You didn’t get me though. I seek to add and multiply, not subtract and divide. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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