Connections make your life easier, period

I will continue to talk about the power of connections and networking. The more powerful connections you have, the easier life is. 

You can claim all you want how you hate people, you don’t need everyone and such. However, you may find yourself needing someone or something and being lost. Plus time goes on, and gets everyone. Therefore the ones closest to you could drift or leave at any moment. It pays to keep your connects current and available. 

Here are a few reasons why life is much easier. 

1. Let’s say you need your grass cut, somewhere to do laundry, a good doctor or lawyer. Being well connected can keep you good in many areas of life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to socialize with folks from different walks of life. This is where they can really come in. 

2. This can help in job/career changes. Many update their resume, which is fine. However, combing your connections from your phone, email and LinkedIn accounts can be much more effective. Over 85% of jobs aren’t advertised, you get in the door easier, past gatekeeping practices such as surveys, phone/Skype interviews and the like. Finally, they can help you land the job you really want, rather than one you settle for just to keep the lights on. 

3. They can assist you in fundraising. 

I’m not just talking about a political campaign or for a catastrophic illness. Many by now know my feelings about school fundraisers and how many use old tried and true methods from 30 years ago to send children to big trips such as Disney and Washington DC. They rarely work, and the parents end up footing the bill. However, for a select few, being well connected assures their funds are more easily raised. This is through church and work connections, business owners and in other markets where that fundraiser isn’t taking place. I still believe the methods are flawed for children. However, connections equalize things. 

4. People rallying for you, period. 

This could be when you’re sick, well, are down and out, or just need someone to talk to. Having a good cheering section is always a difference maker. The Cameron Crazies, Orange Crush, the Black Hole, 12th Man, and several other sports fanbases put that extra fire into their teams and athletes. I played and trust me, it’s a world of difference. 

So now will you think twice before saying people don’t matter to you or that you don’t need anyone? 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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