Balancing early morning and late nights

Here’s a quick disclaimer: I don’t recommend the following tips for your day job. They can work for that purpose, but I feel you should turn in and be focused for that purpose. It’s just my personal thoughts. 

Ok on with the post. 

Now this is really geared towards people like myself with active social lives and training regimens. We often have later nights and early morning training sessions. 

Here are some tips that I recently put into place. 

1. Have an extended, reasonable curfew

You can still go out for happy hour with friends/coworkers. However, you shouldn’t stay out all night if you just got off of work or haven’t slept. You must get your proper rest in order for your training and social life to be effective. 

2. Sometimes you must choose

I will go into such instances later on. But you can’t always do both, that’s a fact of life. Coordinate your schedule appropriately to minimize such instances. Having balance is key, and both can be accommodated. 

4. Don’t go out of town or too far from where your training will be. 

For many, everything happens in the same city they live, work and train in. Then there’s me. I happen to be all over. I have stayed with friends or gotten a hotel room to help out. Either way, don’t overexert yourself with extra, unnecessary travel. 

5. Go to venues closeby that will allow you to leave quicker

If a new BDubs  (Buffalo Wild Wings) just opened or a Texas Roadhouse, you already know the wait alone will cut into your time. Pick a smaller, mom and pop place for gathering, especially on a Friday or Saturday. Some I know of are Daddy Joe’s in Gaffney, Patti-Os in Clover, most Ruby Tuesdays, a bowling alley, and Empire in Rock Hill.  Trust me, you have to eat and drink sometime, and you don’t want time taking out for other reasons. 

6. Take a nap, if time permits. 

I wrote on about the importance of naptime. If you have a few extra hours, fit in a nap. This will refresh you and may even buy you an hour or two with friends. 

7. Also, for my work and sports friends. 

If you have important, non flexible business the next morning, skip the gathering altogether or cut it way short. If you have a race, an event, work or such, cutting it out completely may be best. There are reasons athletic coaches don’t like their players out at all or too late. 

Basically, just be where you can and know your own limits. Naptime and curfews as a child don’t seem so unnecessary now, right? 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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