More friend trips are in order 

This past weekend, Girls Trip set box office records and had female groups of all ages flooding the theaters. No Netflix or Firestick for these women. Now I loved it as a male because it embodies what I talk about frequently. It’s so important for groups of friends to get together more often. 

I have yet to see the movie but I know the basic idea is that the women needed a trip together away from work, mates, life, etc. Sometimes we need to mentally recharge and be around our friends and core circle. I plan on a couple of trips with my fellas of different circles and I’m here to tell you, it’s a great thing. 

Summertime is perfect for vacationing together, or just having a fun weekend. Who cares if it took a movie to get certain women together? The point is it got them together and let them know where they were as friends, and where they needed to be. 

I like how my running group does, collectively or as a whole. They make time off of the pavement to go out to eat, coordinating races around all of this, and simply hanging out. They realize it’s more than the pavement (possible slogan Janice if you’re reading?). And we have to realize that these friends are more than coworkers, school friends, connections, etc. They are like medicine or water, necessary. And we can’t let a moment or opportunity to be around them pass by. 

I have a busy couple of months with friends, family and such, my calendar is full. It’s not all guys trips, but I plan to take advantage of every opportunity to hang with friends and family. It’s energetic, refreshing, and simply nothing like it. 

So take your friends and go see Girl’s Trip, any of the upcoming fights or events and have fun! Summer is almost over. 

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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