Solar Eclipse 2017: The Latest Way to come together 

Ok we have had quite a week in our region, nation, world, etc. It’s strange how all of this comes at the time we are having our first solar eclipse in over 30 years. 

People are going bananas also. Weddings are being planned. Schools and daycares are closing. Parties are also being planned and had. It’s a good time to really bond and get together over an astronomical phenomenon. 

Now, I believe this is a good thing as many people are hurting and upset. It can be used as a healing tool, a way for people to take their minds off of certain things for a while. There are definitely prophetic undertones, which is great. That aside, it can be a positive experience, as long as you don’t view the eclipse directly. 

My high school agriculture teacher, Bill Parker, had a principle in his class “let common sense and reason be your guide, and act the way you want to be treated.” That’s good for the eclipse and for life. 

Also, if we can come together for something this rare, we can work on coming together to end this violence, hate and drama in our society. That will take longer, but we need somewhere to start. 

How about a time where it’s bright, then dark, and suddenly bright again? See what I did there? 

#solareclipse2017 #imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine 


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