It’s Not The End Of The World, Yet Anyways 

This is the season for mass social gatherings everywhere. Cookouts, family reunions, vacations, soirees, All White partiers, weddings, and so on. We all want our events to be perfect right down to the tee. Guess what Clark Griswold, it’s not always that way. You can only do the best you can. 

Just because someone burns the food, breaks a glass, eats too early or too much, or even drinks too much (cue drunk uncle), doesn’t mean it’s a nuclear disaster. So simmer down crockpot and keep the festivities going. Nothing will ever be perfect anyways. 

I say this because I socialize with a wide variety of people and go to many different types of events. The common thread is you want everything to turn out great and people to want to come back. I’m here to tell you, if you provide a good time and are hospitable, people will gladly return. They will barely remember any small setback. It may provide for a good laugh afterwards. 

Socializing and party planning can both be stressful and tense. You simply have to breathe, smile and stay positive. Don’t allow yourself or things to get out of control, or lose your cool. If you see a guest isn’t being themselves, give them some space and then check on them then and in a few days. Sometimes it could be nothing, or they may have not wanted to ruin the party. 

Either way, I doubt it’s the zombie apocalypse. You simply have to have fun and be in the moment. That’s why these people come around you, to feel good, escape reality, and have good vibes. If you provide this and good refreshments, you’re winning everytime. 

So again Clark, go back to the drawing board and fix what you can. Just don’t lose your stuff over petty or small issues. The show must go on! 



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