Control or Respect: Different But the Same?

Ok there seems to a lot going on with political correctness and simply trying to mind your manners. Those who know me best know I was raised with manners, “act right”, and to respect others and myself. There seems to be something to learn about a group of people everyday. 

I love interacting with all sorts of people but it can be taxing. You try to stay generic but even that’s considered a sign of disrespect depending on the culture or group. It’s more than just race or class also. It tends to be political, religious, preferences in activities, food, bodies, men, women, it’s a lot. 

Sometimes it can go from respect and tolerance to straight control. I feel it’s more control when you try to use your trait or affiliation and affliction as a crutch, a way to get folks to do and behave how you want. Again I believe in respect but you shouldn’t try to get folks to change their beliefs or who they are. Reach a compromise, a balance. That is the best way to move forward in harmony. 

Let’s keep learning about each other, as respect is still a two way street. Everyone isn’t going to understand or care about your ways so you have to learn about them, why they think and behave as they do, and agree to disagree. Why is that so hard fam? 

How about we rely on love, and continue to love one another? Stop with the criticizing, worrying about trivial matters, and relax and enjoy each other? Life is too short for the extra stuff. 

That said, use the remote for your car or TV, not a person.  



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