Treat Others Well

It’s simple but like many things, tends to be difficult anyhow. 

I was looking at my vlogs from a year ago and I did one on acting the way you want to be treated. Many of us just do not treat each other fair or even well. Then we wonder why nobody wants to deal with us or we have so much drama. 

You have to look within yourself, at the man in the mirror, see how you want to be treated. Then, treat people as such. You may not like them, or even respect them. You can be polite though. We all need each other, and chances are, you may need this person in your life. Don’t squander that opportunity just because you were petty and angry. Grab a Snickers and be friendly and cordial. 

Life is short also. You do not know when you or others will take their last breath. Make every moment count. This all starts with how well, or how bad, you treat one another. 



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