Let’s talk, for real,…

Four of the most dreaded words coming from anyone is “we need to talk.”. Often it’s rarely good. 

Now many of you think only females say this. Therein lies the problem. Females may say it often, but in reality no human being wants to see this. 

Of course everything isn’t unisex and we all should be conscious as to certain things not to say to certain people. It’s not just political correctness, it’s respect. 

I talk to people of both genders and all walks of life and we are ALL human beings. Just like candles. We may have different shapes, sizes, and makes but like candles, our flame makes us all common and human. 

I believe society, the media and activists have gotten too much into the he said/she said it better stuff. It seems there is always a force out to divide us. How about we try to come together? Find common ground  (I feel like a broken record saying this). This comes from talking to and knowing a person, understanding each other. Generic and basic, safe language and gestures should be used unless you really know a person well. 

Also, while we’re talking, if something someone says or does to you bothers you, address it quickly, don’t wait. If you have a sickness or an injury, you wouldn’t neglect that. Therefore, properly and tactfully communicate to someone that may not know different and better. You catch more flies with honey, and it’s better to talk to and not at someone. 

Racism, sexism, classism isn’t going anywhere soon. However one step to extinguishing it is for us to love each other, forgive and simply talk. Treat others as you would want to be treated. We are all people made in God’s image. Differences can be worked out along the way. 

And that being said, I need some local honey! I have a new honey person also. 



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