And more shoutouts

OK taking a pause for the 4th of July and my birthday. But before I do, I would like to shoutout more friends that have been there for me and have connected well with me. 

Bryan Hullender: 

We met in second grade, played football together and were in a lot of honors classes together. Years went on and we didn’t speak a lot. However, we have gotten more in touch over the years as he has been a big help to myself and my family far as us having a venue for our annual family reunion. He is simply a pleasure to be around and talk to. 

Gregory Jones: 

Greg and I have been cool for about 14 years. As his travels as a law student and lawyer have put distance between us, we still stay in touch. He has always been there for me when I needed him, and is very understanding and caring. His intelligence and sincerity have made him a great friend. I wish him well in his professional endeavors. 

Danny Peeler: 

Danny’s father and my grandpa knew each other, plus we worked together at Robert Allen for many years. He’s the type of guy that’s always down to go grab a bite to eat or catch a movie. He’s also a Green Bay Packers fan and is always giving of himself, not expecting anything in return. He has given me and others much throughout the years and has a down home, Southern humility that wouldn’t allow him to act otherwise. 

Bobby Jefferies: 
I also worked a long time at RA with Bobby J. We worked in three different departments together, plus we share our love for sports and other topics. He is an awesome son, friend, brother and husband. I’m glad he believes in keeping in touch. He’s a hard worker and a good guy that keeps things loose. Those who know him should feel blessed.

Antoine Key: 

Antoine was one of the first people I met at Amazon. He and I are a lot alike, as we both love movies, the Knicks and Tarheels, and talk about intellectual topics. Antoine is a deep thinker and an overall good guy. He sets goals and dreams, and goes after them. He’s helping me to pursue some of my own. 

Alex Said

He’s simply an awesome guy who I met through Shaylan and Tim. He throws awesome parties and has become my MMA/UFC buddy. I admire him as a person, father and husband. 

Thanks fellas and don’t worry ladies and others, I have another piece for you all! 



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