WU Junior Year

I was now in my 20s, a veteran of the WU culture, and getting more social and active in so many ways.

Being an RA changed my entire college career. I learned leadership, career, and social skills that I still use to this day. I’m also blessed to be in touch with many of my residents from both years and be cool with them (even the ones I had to reprimand). 

This was also the time I began expressing myself more towards women and found out who my real friends were. You see, when I first arrived on campus, I was involved and social. But when it came to certain matters, I was a recluse or bookworm. Now I had a lady interest that I was trying to pursue. We shall call her Mia. 

I had been trying to get Mia’s attention since the end of sophomore year. She was very involved also, a WU cheerleader, orientation assistant, and a few other things. She was also (and still is) very beautiful, sweet and cool. 

She kept giving me the cold shoulder. I should have taken the hint but instead on her birthday I had six red roses sent to her room. She thought they were nice but many thought I was a sucker because she didn’t like me like that. I later found out when I asked her out for the 50th time and was turned down that she made up an excuse but went to the movies with another guy. 

Now those that know Mia know that she didn’t intend any harm, she simply wanted to spare my feelings. However, where I came from, brutal and tactful honesty was expected. After a while, I stopped talking to her completely. She would pass me on campus and say hi and I would look the other direction. I was mad at the time until some guys told me she was feeling bad, couldn’t understand why I was acting this way. One guy told her “well Mia look can you blame him?”. Me being me , I didn’t hold a grudge and we were cool by the time the year ended. 

This gave me much needed confidence to speak to other women, and again find out who was in my corner and who was laughing behind my back after I sent Mia those roses. I met Dirt Dolla and his crew (they were my residents after all), Rashad, Wafeeq and several others I knew were for real. I also met Mario but he has just transferred from Carolina and was mostly attached to his girlfriend (now wife). Looking back, I know now why some people act two faced at Homecoming now. They were fake then and more fake now. 

So yes junior year ended up going well academically, socially and somewhat romantically. I even got into spoken word in the Spring Semester, adding more confidence, especially as a public speaker. 

I was riding high heading into my final year at the WU. Now was my time to put it all together and gear up for adulthood. 



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