WU Sophomore Year

I enjoyed my first year of college and away from home so much I couldn’t wait to get back to Rock Hill for my sophomore year. It was one of the first times in my life that I felt accepted and fully comfortable in an environment and atmosphere.

That being said, I still needed to find my people, or even my person.

I had made some good friends my first year, and many more my sophomore year. I was getting involved more on campus, getting into leadership positions, going to conferences and appreciating the campus more. I was going home less on weekends also so that helped.

Many students at WU had various ways and reasons to make friends and getting involved. It ranged from where they sat in the cafeteria (The Cafe) or who they hung with on Thursday nights. Either way, you had to find your own path. I believe I was slowly finding mine.

That path for me was mostly Residence Life. I was involved in most every aspect you could be during my WU years: Hall Council, Resident Student’s Association, and then I was named to be a Resident Assistant for my junior year. This would be an important position with lots of responsibility that would shape and mold me.



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