Girls, Girls, Girls?

Jay-Z may have had all of the ladies

before he got together with and married Beyonce’. However, school wasn’t exactly the time where I had the ladies, or really lady friends.

I had crushes, an elementary school romance, and even my first love (yes I believe you can fall in love without dating.). It was a number of years where I thought I wasn’t good looking or suave enough to have the woman I desired. Certain women crushed on me, but I didn’t see them in that way.

One quote that really got me was in my junior year in high school when this gal said all in front of me “dang there isn’t any good looking guys in our grade.” Now how the heck is that supposed to make me feel?

Looking back, I realize I may have been going for the wrong type of women or woman. And again we didn’t really have biracial women at Blacksburg High School (my know-it-all grandma suggested I go this route). The ones we had were attractive, intelligent and cool, but were simply friends.

I did have a few female friends that dug me and are still cool with me today. If you are reading this, thanks for seeing in myself then what I was blind to. It would pay huge dividends later.

Fortunately, high school does end, I got out of Blacksburg, and saw that it was indeed a different world out there for guys like myself that didn’t peak in high school.



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