Senior Year Part 2

It was almost over!!! More social, better grades, some more respect, but still less popular.

I was just reminded today how bad cliques can be and how I was left out of a lot of fun activities mostly due to pettiness and shear jealously. The bullying was behind me. Now the behavior I experienced was mostly like that from the movie “Mean Girls”.

It was no nevermind. Things were already looking up. I finally got my driver’s license, and had decided I was going to Winthrop University in the Fall of 1996, all was paid for. My grades were excellent, and my test scores were good. I simply had to sit back and roll with the punches.  I knew I wasn’t one of those kids who was getting a brand new car for graduation or going to the beach Senior Week. It was cool because I finally felt confident in myself.

Prom was awesome. I ended up taking a good lady friend and we had a blast. Dinner, a couple of dances, and then home by 11. Short and simple.

Then graduation day came. Many were sad. I was happy high school was over and I was moving on to a different world.

Goodbye Blacksburg, hello Rock Hill!



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