Senior Year Part 1

Some of these years are so extensive I had to break them up into sections for myself and you the reader.

This was when I really began to shine and not everyone was on board. I got my first job at Hardee’s and had my own spending money. Still no car or a girlfriend (more on that later) which was embarrassing as a high school senior. However I made the best of it as I knew I would be out of there in a year.

Folks often say your senior year flies by. Ironically, I didn’t want that to happen to me. I cherished each moment, especially with my friends and doing activities.

I was involved not only with football, I was becoming active in my church, several other school activities, and was becoming a positive role model for the elementary school children. Overall, I had an awesome senior year. I made good grades, showed my worth on the gridiron, and received a Senior Superlative for “Hardest Worker.”  I had become more popular than ever. For the first time in my life, I was liked and hated.

There were a lot of jealous people that tried to make my life and year a living Hell. I didn’t get invited to a lot of the parties and activities the “in-crowd” had on the weekends. You could say me and some others were part of the “out crowd.” 

My late friend Tim told me “Drew you don’t have anything to prove. Just be you man.” He was another awesome friend among many that lasted a lifetime. Now while there was nothing left to prove except to get into college and earn a scholarship, I was determined to roll with the punches and have a good senior year. I had demons yet to face and overcome.



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