Stand In The Gap

There is a void, a whole. I feel emptiness like the bottom of a bowl. I miss my friend, cook, counselor, my heart. I didn’t know it would be this dark. I’m so thankful for you that is there. You who calls, texts, visits, sends gifts and stuff. Your presence isn’t merely fluff. I’m thankful that you stood in the gap. I love it no cap. I love to go where it’s like a big hug. There is a huge welcome rug. I used to hate those but now they’re my lifeline. The fence is still going up but there is an open door. I will need pet sitters, counselors, friends, hugs, listening ears and fun folk. I know they won’t bust like an egg yolk. Thank you for those I know will be there long term and until I go. You filled the space and kept a smooth flow.


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