You prepared me for every aspect of life you knew about. Heartbreak, debt, bills, working, parenthood, hope and doubt. You were always there by my side. I always had you in which to confide. You prepared me even with after life affairs and your plans. I even have tons of veggies and beans in cans. I was ready except for how to grieve and live without you. Hearing your voice daily, talking to you, getting my hug. I do know to keep the house clean and vacuum that rug. I’m getting a lot of things done you wanted. I know I’ll press on but unsure what the process looks like. These problems can’t be solved with a brisk hike. I have resources for living, memories and stories. Your legacy will not perish. Your spirit will flourish. I want to feel you more. It’s a daily battle. All I can do is stay on the saddle. I want you here but God needed you more. We are all borrowed and lent. You served your purpose from which you were sent. I will still love and miss you. You were the glue and life of the property and ring. I will live my life until I see you again and sing. The quiet parts are hard.  I will stay busy, active  and lively. I can see the angels sent for comfort. I want you back and now I will settle for life after your passing. I can’t wait to meet you again and I want to live life well so I will see you again.


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