I Even Love Baby Showers and at a proper time

I remember once upon a time a baby shower was simply for women where the expectant mother, female friends and family gathered with food, gifts for the child and parent and even played games. No men were allowed nor even participated. I recall my mom hosting a baby shower for my cousin while I was in college. I was home that weekend and studied in my room.

Present day: baby showers are more co-ed and inclusive. They can be like cookouts and family reunions. Modern mothers and planners have made them more into fun events than simply women gathering. It’s great for the father and his friends also.

We are trying to stay societal norms and bring back the presence of two parent households and I think this is an awesome way. Plus this is a great way to showcase what I discuss with the #imjustdrew brand far as connecting and staying plugged in. I honestly don’t get upset if I don’t get invited but I do love it due to the energy, vibe, celebration of a new life and the food.

Therefore if you don’t think I would come to your baby shower, you’re wrong. Please send me the details and the link if you’re registered. I’m likely buying wipes anyways but if you desire something else, that’s fine also. I’m here to help and be a friend!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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