Bonding through pain

There is a lot to be said about how pain brings folks together. I didn’t realize there was another community out there that caters and listens to folks that have suffered serious injuries such as mine.

I’m aware of similar in the sporting world but they happen in everyday life as well. I have heard compelling stories from many that I interact with daily. They are all filled with pain, redemption and appreciation for being able to perform the small tasks such as walking unassisted and driving yourself. I also see a need as many struggle to find folks to help them with their daily activities and the road to normalcy is a rocky one.

My advice is from a limited gage so I will keep it simple. Be patient, listen to your doctors, limit who you inform but ensure all of the important people in your life know of your condition. Take it slow getting back out there, set a plan (daily and weekly for your life). Look into some sort of therapy for your physical and mental. Many find it’s a different world out there but the world hasn’t stopped moving. Just find your metaphorical footing, get into a routine and cadence, have mentors and outlets and things can be better.

I just realized I wrote all of that as I do my poems but that’s OK. I made my point and I want to be there for others as they were for me during my dark times.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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