You don’t seem to get me. Desire me, continue to live care free. I just wanted to hang and vibe. You make it seem like this is a bribe. I can see if there’s no appeal. I can’t see why you couldn’t just be real. Being nice is cool but honesty is king. I called and you let your phone ring. You partied with other guys while a real man awaited. Was my birthday wish met to be belated? It seems so. I can see the answer is no. Will I give you another chance? Unsure if my heart can take more hurt in advance. Give me another sign, reach out. You leave too much doubt. I think we may have to separate. You are always too late. I need a woman not an unsure child. Your headspace is much too wild. I need love and peace. You bring me drama despair and a lease. I want to buy and you’re not letting me rent. Got my nose wide open and neck all bent. Either way, it doesn’t look well. As always, time will tell. I will heal and be ok. I’m a great guy and I don’t care what you say

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