This poem is very interpretative and open but it’s dedicated to the memory of my recently deceased friend Big Mike Smith. He definitely was a man’s man that wasn’t afraid of emotion and neither am I.

The side of your face and that smile. Why couldn’t we just keep you for a while? You lit up the room like a festival of lights. You braved the storms, fought many fights. There were no enemies in sight. Making for a smooth and easy plight. I’m happy that I knew you and you were here. I will definitely hold your memory dear. Game films and pictures are gold. There will continue to be many tales of you told. You may have went to your forever home. Your presence and vibe will forever roam. Wherever there’s a football, towel or even a star. We all know you’re not far. None of wanted you to go. You left so fast you didn’t want us to know. You can be the true star from above. Always having the shine and love. You will forever be missed. Now you have your crown and no more being dismissed.

Rest in Power my guy and thanks for all of the kind words!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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