Mental Illness Always Matters!

There have been two high profile suicides in the past week and many more that happen daily.

We often spend the New Year talking about improving our physical and financial health. Few speak of their mental health.

It’s hard even in 2022 to beat the stigma. That’s why I check up on people, look for the signs, try to learn the triggers, etc.

Good mental health goes beyond medicine and even your therapist and psychiatrist appointments. It’s all in how you live your live: work/life balance, interaction with others, having interests and hobbies and not feeling alone.

I’ll continue to harp on issues such as race relations, mental health awareness and bullying until they improve and become like your car or home: only need maintenance.

Also remember you can be born with it but your environment can make it worse. Let’s strive to build and maintain these healthy environments and comfortable spaces and keep the conversations going.

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes


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