Snow Day: How Peaceful the Pause Can Be

There has been a lot of snow and ice the past week in the Carolinas. The snow even spread past Columbia, SC, which is rare and more special for children and the adults.

Adults often associate their inner child and some of their best memories with snow days. Snow fights, sledding, tubing, snow cream, snow angels and just relaxing.

Snow/ice pauses things for us Southerners as it generally shuts down everything for a few days. We don’t get this type of weather often and honestly aren’t equipped to deal with it. Therefore it gives us a chance to pause and relax, just as we did as children.

The falling of the snow alone is soothing and nostalgic. We can all take solace in the beauty and purity of a snow day.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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