Continuing to fight demons

Of course this isn’t a movie.

You may be tired from several things as summer ends. You may be in a funk.

However don’t give in and just remember your time is coming.

Work on the small things to get you there, set small, attainable goals, eat cleaner, drink more water, sleep more and cut out stress. Also have your support circle strong. We can see from just the local media who doesn’t have that in place.

Have a creative and a physical outlet also. This could be simply working in your yard or having a coloring book. You have to do more than watch Netflix or even read. Reading is great to keep the mind sharp but it’s time to do more.

Also stay hydrated, eat and drink frequently, and don’t be afraid to seek medical attention.

Remember the Good Lord is still in control and you’re not done yet unless you choose to be!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine


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