Get tested, period!

The Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is out and is causing numbers to rise as they did in the winter.

This is causing more folks, businesses and states to reinforce mask wearing. Then the debate goes back to wearing or not wearing them, and how effective masks really are.

Let’s unpack some things first. ONLY the vaccinated were supposed to go maskless, never the unvaccinated. When you have not reached herd immunity, and have crowds of people gathering at various venues, yes the disease will spread easily and even the vaccinated can catch it, even if the effects aren’t as bad.

Now while getting vaccinated, wearing masks and social distancing all helps, why are we not testing more? I remember before the vaccine, testing was more readily available, I saw testing promoted more and testing centers everywhere. Testing is still still available and often at no cost. Many have not gotten tested in months and that’s more disturbing. It’s quick and the results can often have a same day to 48 hour turnaround. I never stop getting regular tests because I knew I was more asymptotic since I’m vaccinated.

I need more folks to study how vaccines and even medicine works. How much stuff do you consume that’s not FDA approved? And two of the 3 vaccines will be FDA approved soon. What excuse will you use then? Also none of them are 100% and many require annual booster shots. Other health factors come into play but these are the major ones.

Also if you’re taking all the health measures you can, they all beat being on a ventilator.

#imjustdrew #scaredeyes


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