Margaret McGill Gaines: So Many Words

It’s always kind and positive words when one speaks about my departed Aunt Margaret McGill Gaines.

She was that person: Proverbs 31 woman; always staying in touch; very loving and inspiring; true example of what a Godly person is; and just an awesome gem of a person.

This is an especially hard loss for me, especially since we had such a close bond. Coupled with losing my cousin/her son G to COVID just a month ago, it’s a lot on my entire family.

Aunt Margaret was simply a shining example of positively and treating folks as they should be treated. She always knew the right words to say to someone regardless of the situation. She truly believed in equality also. She was born with many strikes against her and things could have went South. Aunt Margaret chose to accept Jesus Christ into her life and was a relentless spiritual warrior until she took her last breath.

She simply helped and poured into so many people: family, church folks, at her jobs, the schools, etc. It’s safe to say there will not be another like her and she’s rejoicing in Heaven.

Auntie was also a relentless worker.. She literally was employed most of her life; textile mills and later on returning to school and becoming a teacher’s assistant. She kept working after retirement as a substitute teacher and then COVID hit. Ironically that’s what took her out.

We could all benefit from the strength, grace and peace this woman possessed. She seemed to always bounce back and would inspire you when you thought you were trying to help her.

Rest in Power Aunt Margaret! I will miss our conversations and visits and I know you’re looking over us all now!

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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