The silent P

There’s no question people often see what they want to see. Moreover, it’s what they feel and associate with.

Decades later, many, many Winthrop alumns still think Thomson Hall (where “the Cafe” is) is spelled with a “P”. Being the grammar nerd I am, this still drives me bats. The name is clearly embroidered on both sides of the Hall. Also the proper spelling is in every brochure.

I then had to step back and think. Many, many associate Thompson with being spelled and pronounced with a P. That is honestly the 2nd time I have seen it without one. The silent “P” resonates mostly due to past experiences than what is actually shown in broad daylight.

I then saw a much hyped film on Netflix this weekend “Malcolm and Marie”. I was warned that it was about a toxic relationship, it would drain you, and you may feel some type of way afterwards.

I watched it, had my coping mechanisms all ready. It was a well written film and the acting was good. However both, especially the male, were overly dramatic. There was clearly a lot of unresolved mess in that relationship but to me, the film only shown bits and pieces of any abuse or toxicity. I left feeling unphased.

Bear in mind I am a writer that has experienced a ton of verbal abuse in various venues. I have also attended one act plays, love theatre, and am a forensics junkie. Therefore with all of this, I felt like much more could have been added to really make the audience feel the toxicity. It seemed more like an overly dramatic one act play that watered down the experience for the audience. That’s how I feel and it doesn’t mean I am wrong.

The point (with a P) here is that we see things through different lenses and that’s OK. We are not meant to be the same or to live in an echo chamber. Our experiences are what shapes up and makes us who we are as individuals. Both scenarios are different but show the results of having our own experiences and expectations. You are or will not see that “P” unless it is in your subconscious. To further my point, remember the “magic eye” pictures from the early 90s? Some people saw the same image, others saw nothing, some saw something different. It honestly meant something was there. Only that not everyone could see it.

Therefore really sit back and think before you expect everyone to see or feel what you’re supposed to feel. Unless they share every experience or trait you have, chances are they may miss something.

Understanding a person and communication goes a long way.

#imjustdrew #fromdarktosunshine #scaredeyes


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